Merry Christmas to the Blakelaw Family of Families

We’ve made a massive Christmas card to all the families who use the Blakelaw Centre, it’s currently pride of place on the cafe noticeboard.



Blakelaw Family Portraits – Hilton Primary Academy

We’ve added a new strand to our Family Portraits project in Blakelaw by getting one of the local schools involved. The Hilton Primary Academy have been very helpful and are helping us to work with some great families from in and around Blakelaw. As part of this initiative we held a taster day for Year 4 pupils where they could try out our painted portraits and have them time lapsed captured whilst we also interviewed them and asked about their families. Later in the school in January we’ll be working more closely with specific family groups and I’m really looking forward to this.

Here are a few pictures from behind the scenes. You can see how we set up to time-lapse capture our paintings with overhead cameras linked to special animation software.

We made over 40 portraits some of which are here.



Blakelaw Family Portraits – Sessions 10 & 11

As the focus of our project changes from painted portraits we are starting to think of using video and live action. These are some of the paintings we’ve made for the last 2 sessions of the year. Next up is the Hilton Academy and our trip to the ice rink at the Life Centre in Newcastle this year, and, next year we’ll look to start interviewing families to create more portraits in a new and exciting way using video, photography, sound and animation.


Blakelaw Family Portraits – Session 9

Some great abstract images in this session, some of the children were asked to paint their gardens.

Blakelaw Family Portraits – Session 8

This session we asked some of the children to paint where they live as well as their family members.

Blakelaw Family Portraits

Another set of wonderful childrens paintings for the Blakelaw Family Portraits project – from session 6