Here are just some of the animations I have created in schools, communities and many other different organisations, as well as some small tests and shorts made to support  projects and for YouTube exclusives. My YouTube channel can be found here –

The Family of Darius before Alexander for Dr Thomlinson Middle School in Rothbury and exhibited at the National Gallery, London

Journey to the Proms for Middlesbrough Council & BBC Proms

Our Angel for the Tyneside Cinema & Gateshead Council to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Angel of the North

Whitlaith Exegesis for the Shimmer Festival in Whitley Bay

On The Beach for VODA

Merry Christmas Folks

In support of a project application

Made to celebrate my beard coming off!

These 3 animations were produced in Flash to show as examples to kids prior to a workshop in Flash animating at the Tyneside Cinema

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


2 thoughts on “Animations

  1. Hi Robin

    I am a lecturer at Stockton Riverside College and you recently worked with my students on a project with Tees Valley Arts (Right Size project). We are hoping to run an article on it, however we haven’t seen the animation. Would you be able to help?

    James Bingham (media lecturer)

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