Macbooks for Kids & Community Animation Workshops

I’ve just posted this on Facebook and was hoping if you are reading this you may be able to help:-

I’m on the scrounge – As some of you know I run animation workshops for kids & communities around the North of England and I’m on the hunt for Macbook Pros that aren’t being used that could be donated to help children make animations bringing their imaginations to life. In the past I’ve asked for any laptop and friends have very kindly donated, that was great and I am eternally gratefull as are the children who used them but this time I’m only after macbooks if possible. I can repair minor faults if they have problems so don’t let that put you off. Please spread this request around if you can – it’s no scam I am genuinely only using these for children’s and community animation projects. Check out my website to see the sort of thing I get up to.
Many thanks for spreading the word.


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