Animex Festival Animexperience Workshops

Once again I have been honestly humbled to be asked to run animation workshops for local Teesside children as part of the Animex International Festival of Animation And Computer Games, the UK’s biggest festival dedicated to animation and games.
3 schools took part this year Thorntree Primary, St. Alphonsus Primary and St Mark’s Elm Tree Primary. We tried a bit of pixilated animation to show them how easy and fun it is to create animation, then the kids went on to create monster to audition for Monsters University, taking the Pixar film as our inspiration. The kids made their characters out of plasticine, designed their backgrounds and created the sounds used to give their Monsters real scare appeal!
A huge thanks to Gabby, Paul, Dave and Stephen at the university and to the 99th Garrison (Star Wars storm troopers) who came to entertain (or scare) the children but actually ended up playing pat-a-cake and trying to get their guns back!!
The kids also get to attend a special red carpet premiere to watch their films at the University on the big screen.

Videos via YouTube and Teesside University


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