Blakelaw Family Portraits

Another set of wonderful childrens paintings for the Blakelaw Family Portraits project – from session 6

Blakelaw Family Portraits

Another selection of family portraits , this time from our fifth Friday evening session.

Blakelaw Family Portraits

All caught up with these, the latest batch of paintings for our project Family Portraits. We are looking to extend our project very soon into the local primary academy, which should mean many more paintings and stories to come. If you live in the Blakelaw area of Newcastle and would be interested in taking part then please contact me via here or through the Blakelaw Centre.


Blakelaw Family Portraits

Just catching up posting our family portrait paintings, these ones are from our third session at the Blakelaw Centre.


Blakelaw Family Portraits

Here are some more portraits from my Artist Residency in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Children and families who use the facilities at the Blakelaw Centre have painted these portraits of members of their family while I have time-lapse captured them – they will form part of a larger set of filmed and animated family portraits with dialogue from the families themselves.

Blakelaw “Family Portraits” taster videos now on YouTube

I’ve put some short taster sequences for my “Family Portraits” films being produced this year and into 2017 as part of my Artist in Residence program in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

As some of you may know I have been selected by Newcastle-Upon-Tyne council to be one of their Artists in Residence for 2016/17 working in the Blakelaw area of the city to produce these Family Portraits.

The project is aimed at showing the universality of the family, documenting the ordinary and extraordinary to show how families today see each other from within and how we as observers can understand how we fit as a greater familial society.

I will be using a mixture of mediums – Animation, Video, Painting, Drawing, Time-lapse, Photography and Sound.

Dilemma of a Duck by Team Quack (Prudhoe East Centre) to be used to promote mental health awareness by Northumberland County Council

Great news for the guys in Team Quack and our little film Dilemma of a Duck. Northumberland County Council announce they want to use it to promote mental health awareness throughout the county. It was announced at the graduation ceremony for their National Citizenship Service awards, needless to say Team Quack are over the moon. Here it is again please pass it around, thanks and massive congratulations guys.